Why Madina Prestige ?

15 Star Hotels

Hotels are carefully selected to give you the best comfort possible, right at the door step of the haram in Makkah & Madina

2Small Groups

Our group is a very small one allowing us to give one-on-one attention to our Hujjaj. Our focus is quality not quantity

324/7 Access to Your Guide

Imam Mahmud is available 24/7 to assist you at every step of your journey

4Daily Educational programme

Our group meets every day for educational programs helping you understand the significance of your journey while you are in Makkah & Madina


“The Hajj is no doubt the most significant life experience of a Muslim, besides birth, marriage and death. Significant life experiences usually require careful preparation and sacrifices to ensure the event is successful and memorable. One’s journey to the Sacred House of Allah deserves the utmost in terms of spriritual and physical preparation. I have to admit, having been a traveller with Madina Prestige, it was very clear that this group and it’s leader, go to great lengths to ensure not just a smooth experience for the pilgrim, but that the experience is a memorable one. Positive memorable experiences, which are mentally recalled later on, usually have the greatest spiritual impact. Ustaz Mahmud and the Madina Prestige team, during the Hajj journey took personal care of each and every pilgrim, ensuring all their comforts and needs were met so that one can focus solely on their internal spiritual relationship with their Creator. Visits to sacred historical sites, regular daily classes, access to a personal advisor, presentations, explanations of each rite and personal daily homework on the trip, ensures that the effects of Hajj remain in one’s heart for a long time to come, after returning home. I highly recommend Madina Prestige for any one who is looking for peace of mind and a quality Hajj journey.” A. Salhien

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